Award winning & environmentally friendly Carpet care

Some of our services

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

Carpet has a unique, positive “filter-like” or particle trapping feature that tends to trap and hold particles to the floor that would otherwise become airborne. At M&N, we develop periodic professional deep cleanings to remove residues and trapped soils using using a high power extraction method that has the “Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval/Green Label”.

Upholstry Cleaning Services

We at M&N believe that extracting dirt and allergens from our client's properties does not end at the carpet level. M&N uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and methods to extract unsightly stains and foul odors from upholstered furniture and modular office components.

Daily Carpet Maintenance

M&N uses upright vacuums with a proven reputation of reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. M&N's carpet care equipment meets the Carpet and Rug Institute standards for indoor air quality.