Green Cleaning

Green Office Cleaning

Utilizing the latest in eco friendly cleaning technology to provide a more dust-free and sanitary office environment than the conventional and outdated methods still used by the majority of janitorial companies. 

Color Coding

Allows the isolation of contaminants by area, helping to prevent the spreading of germs, such as those picked-up in the restrooms, to other areas in the facility, especially dining areas.   

Using multiple mopping systems and color-coding them for easy recognition aids in contamination isolation, such as our red system for restrooms and blue for office areas, etc. Additional color designations can be implemented as needed. 

Micro-fiber mops & wiping cloths

Remove more dust to debris than the old feather dusters and dust mops and require less water and chemical to be effective. 

Dual compartment mop buckets

Separate the clean Solution from the wrung-out waste solution, helping to Prevent the spreading of germs while providing an overall cleaner surface. 

HEPA-grade Vacuums

Offer better filtration and greater versatility than standard commercial uprights. With these vacuums, we can vacuum areas unreachable by standard uprights, including high vacuuming of ceiling air vents. Additionally, these vacuums are more ergonomic for the user, keeping production high and injuries low. 


Green Seal Certified Chemicals

  •  Improve the indoor air quality of your building
  • Reduce water and air pollution
  • Reduce the amount of employee sick time and its associated costs
  •  Provide a healthier environment for occupants, employees and visitors
  • Reduce the amount of toxic cleaning chemicals that end up in waste waters