floor maintenance

Personalized Floor Care

We are experts when it comes to commercial floor cleaning. Each floor type is different, which is why we offer customized services. We use a wide variety of different floor cleaning machines such as buffers and automatic floor scrubbers. Whether you have hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, vinyl sheet, or laminate, we’ll come up with a perfect floor-care plan for your facility.

Our floor maintenance includes the following services:

  • Buffing
  • Auto scrubbing
  • Deep scrubbing
  • Recoating
  • Floor stripping
  • Waxing
  • Sealing

This will reflect the light, which gives your floor a beautiful and shiny glow. Scrubbing will remove caked-on dirt and grime, and floor stripping and recoating will restore any battered floors to their former glory. Finally, waxing and sealing will give your floors that extra protection and glossy shine you’re after.