Government facilities

Comprehensive Office Cleaning

M&N Contractors, LLC management and staff are highly trained to pay special attention to the details and intricacies of cleaning executive office spaces, such as the judge's chamber pictured above.

Exterior Property Management

The first thing a potential visitor sees is the appearance of your facilities grounds. M&N Contractors delivers 1st class property grounds management to it's valued clients.

Restroom Maintenance Program

M&N Contractors understand the heavy wear and tear restroom equipment endure on a daily basis. This is why we provide our clients with regular inspection of equipment and a repair program. We combine this with top-notch cleaning service delivery for an outstanding restroom appearance.

High Profile Area Cleaning

M&N puts heavy emphasis on paying attention to the smallest details during service delivery. This is especially true in our clients high-profile spaces. M&N uses superior methodology to have your highest profile space ready for use every time.

High Traffic Area Cleaning

Public corridors are some of the most heavily used surfaces of most of our client's properties. As such, M&N has developed a routine maintenance program specifically tailored for our client's needs. The results are an appearance that earns praise often.

Recycling and Waste

Every facility require seamless collection and proper disposal of recyclable material and waste. We at M&N believe that this service should be delivered with zero impact on daily operations to our clients. This is why our service delivery is inspected by management at all times to ensure the highest quality.