Snow Removal

M&N Contractors monitor weather forecasts and enact a proactive response to changing conditions. In addition, we offer customers the support of a 24/7 call center to ensure prompt and efficient service. Our centralized call center, dispatch and storage site ensure the appropriate crew and vehicles are supplied and available. Whether you have a single site, multiple locations or large scale complexes, M&N Contractors assures your property is safe, clean and accessible throughout the winter season 

M&N Contractors ensures that your property is cared for the way your customers, employees and guests deserve and expect. Our customer care personnel will make certain your property is maintained, inviting and accessible. M&N Contractors provides individual services or packaged solutions that enhance and retain your asset value, including: 

  • CSP (Certified Snow Professional) on staff 
  • Weather works - Certified Meteorologists & Weather Forecasters 
  • Certified Storm Summaries 
  • E-Mailed Weather Alerts and Forecast 
  • Liquid Anti-Icing (Pre Treatment) 
  • Magnesium Treated Rock Salt 
  • Containment Plows 
  • All Terrain Vehicles with Plows and Spreaders for Walkways 
  • Power Brooms for Low Access Walkways 
  • Poly Edges on Delicate Surfaces